Memory Lane

You have always been there for your children to help make the wrongs right, to share their joys and disappointments and to support them in times of need. These are the memories, which a mother like you would love to share with your children once they grow. Diapy’s Memory Lane is a lane where all your memories reside. Enjoy preserving your Memories Online into Diapy’s Memory Lane through its emotive features like your Baby Birth Time Capsule, your family tree & your Baby’s most memorable picture gallery right away!

Create your Diapy Baby Birth Time Capsule and look forward to sharing the memories of how much your family has grown and how the world has changed. Your baby, once leaving her teens will be very curious about the facts and figures at time of her birth like her Birth Information and the specifics of life then. Even knowing who held her first may be very exciting! Diapy’s Baby Birth Time Capsule allows you to create a Time Capsule Report for your Baby’s Birth and gives you other Ideas on creating a Capsule with some bits and pieces to preserve within.

Your smiling baby is one of the most pleasant sights for you and you may wish to preserve that smile in your heart and mind forever. Diapy’s Picture Gallery shares your Baby’s three most adorable Smiles that you love best. Create your Baby’s Smiling Picture Gallery and get hold of your baby smiles online forever.

Your baby whispers her first word, by calling you mama and then later she starts recognizing her father, brothers & sisters along with other loved ones like her Dada & Dadi. Soon she becomes hospitable towards other relations as well. Nevertheless, no matter how independent she becomes later she would love to discover about her small family at time of her birth. Diapy’s Family Tree lets you record your key family details at your baby’s birth time instantly.